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Hi I’m Leanne

Overcome with wonderful emotions right now, because I’m just back from a

coffee and catch up with a great friend. For background she’s a spritely young

lady and work colleague in her 30’s.

So, we’re chitchatting away in the café and suddenly, turning to gaze directly at

me, she pauses, then shares this with me. ‘I need you to understand, Leanne, how

much this has meant to me. I need you to understand that when we first met 2

years ago, hospital were prepping me for dialysis, I’d already had the surgery to

create the fistula for the dialysis needles to be inserted. But since you’ve been

doing guided meditations with me and I’ve been regularly listening to your

‘RELAX TO SLEEP’ download, my kidney function has stabilized. I haven’t needed

dialysis. I’ve been well for 2 years. You do understand, Leanne, how important

this has been to me don’t you?’

Like I said, a really emotional moment, and even though I am well aware of the

health benefits of relaxation and guided meditation, it’s power never ceases to

amaze me. I guess I too have been raised on the premise that illnesses just

happen, out of the blue as it were. However, my awareness now, is more about

the damage that chronic stress, often subconscious and invisible to people, can

cause to health, and the health improvements possible once healing hormone

balances are restored and the body’s natural healing systems can reactivate.

Real life stories like this and health improvements I’ve witnessed have driven me

to write and deliver these meditations to you and your family.

I encouraged you to find a little time to relax, each day if possible, allowing any

stress hormones to zero, as gentle language flows through. I know it sounds

strange that words could do this, but consider this. The words stimulate

particular neurons, which then initiate a cascade, resulting on hormone release

into your system. It’s thoughts and language at the top of this pyramid, because

the complex human brain is more powerful than we can currently comprehend.

Sleeping, watching TV or relaxing in a bubble bath are not the same as the guided

meditation I’m referring to, because subconscious activity is not altered in the

same powerful, positive direction.

It’s only meditation activities, which decrease stress and I would also suggest it’s

guided; to ensure only positive thoughts are leading you.

To download your free ‘Relax to Sleep’ audio please follow this link.