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Goodfellow Symposium

Thank you, Goodfellow Symposium, for allowing me to present, Thought Waves Pro, a stress reduction app for patients and how it works to an audience of enthusiastic family doctors.

Doctors are always keen to learn how they can improve the health of their patients.

Thought Waves Pro is a positive, guided relaxation app and will benefit almost anyone.

One of the ways it works is by improving hormone output internally, by that I mean it reduces stress hormone release. Stress hormones are a proven factor in many illnesses and research is also linking them to premature aging.

As a family doctor I am passionate about making these deceptively simple yet very effective techniques easily available, hence the free ‘Relax To Sleep’ relaxation and ‘8-Week Relaxation or Meditation Challenge’, as a means of both preventing illness, and speeding up recovery.

Within positive, guided relaxation new emotional (or hormonal) habits are more easily established, with age old observable effects now measurable and being validated by modern neuroscience research. See the Thoughtwavespro.com website for more info and research links.

My dream is for people to notice the health and lifestyle benefits and realise how easy it is to secure these benefits for themselves and their families.