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Imagine reducing stress, How good could that feel?

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Your Free 8-Week Relaxation Challenge Downloads – What To Expect – And A Few More Interesting Benefits Besides!

As a family doctor, I have personally witnessed the devastating effects of illness on individuals, their families and their friends and have worked for decades to improve this situation for everyone.


I became aware of positive, guided relaxation techniques when I suffered stress myself and although it was difficult to quantify externally, to me, it seemed to dissolve all those old tensions and stresses I’d unwittingly been carrying around with me.

In addition though, I asked for a little snoring problem I had to be addressed – and it worked. Well, I thought, that shouldn’t happen, snoring cessation by positive guided meditation is well outside of the medical model I’d studied, so I started to explore.

As a result of that research, I am very proud to be able to share with you this free app and the health benefits it delivers.

All of the relaxations on Thought Waves Pro reduce stress by reducing the release of stress hormones, and when this happens approximately 1400 important reactions within the body also shift.

So you can expect, among other relaxation benefits, improved energy levels, better sleep, improved fertility improved repair work and healing, improved immune system function, reduced blood pressure, reduced blood sugar, reduced blood clotting tendencies and reduced stressful thought patterns.

Repeating relaxations increases all the benefits, it’s not even necessary to listen to the words, because your powerful unconscious does all the listening for you.

But, please, never listen while driving or operating machinery.


Week 0 – 0 Relaxation Minutes Completed – Your First Free Download Is – Find Your Pain Free Zone

This stress reduction relaxation shares techniques, which will deliberately alter pain awareness. So, whether you have a painful medical condition, if you’re working out, having a blood test or medical procedure, employing these techniques will assist you by reducing pain perception.

The moment you begin relaxing is the moment stress hormone release reduces and almost immediately protective IgA antibodies in the throat, your first line of immune defense, increase, and this benefit continues to improve with regular, on-going positive relaxation.


Week 1 – 50 Relaxation Minutes Completed (at your own pace) – Your Free Download Is – Is It Time To Relax Yet?

Use this easy technique to reduce anxiety symptoms or feelings of stress, before they even happen, quickly producing a useful state of calm.

Similar techniques are already being used in hospitals globally to reduce patient stress levels and amazingly, this reduces patient’s medication requirements.

As a doctor, I see many people, with fatigue and low energy, problems. Chronic stress is a high-energy state and after as little as one week of regular positive relaxation, energy levels improve and muscular tensions dissolve away, as if by magic. Of course it’s not really magic, it’s the effects of internal adrenaline release reducing. You’ll feel benefits as soon as the Sympathetic Nervous System, which meditates the effects of chronic stress, down regulates.

Sometimes fatigue causes people to over-eat, in an attempt to access missing energy, so positive relaxation assists in healthy weight reduction too.


Week 1 – 105 Minutes Of Relaxation – Positive Words

Check out this relaxation, for a powerful demo, of just how quickly and profoundly positive words improve body chemistry.

Become more aware of how exposure to various types of words, memories or actions affects body chemistry, and hence your available energy. Begin to master empowering techniques to zero any unwanted influence.

I simply didn’t realize how much negative words and thoughts had affected me.


Of course it’s obvious in hindsight, because as alternative thoughts or words activate different brain cells, it results in different signal cascades being initiated, which releases different hormones into the circulation.

These transformative changes can now be detected almost instantly with biochemical assays and biofeedback techniques.

With fMRI instant brain scanning techniques – the effects of varying thoughts and how they activate, or light up, different brain cells, is clear for all to see.


Week 2 – 210 Relaxation Minutes – 6 Minute Power Nap

A short, re-energising, relaxation, zeroing the effects of stress, anytime. This relaxation is ideal for emergency workers or those working within stressful environments or shift patterns.

Your hormones are powerful signaling molecules with the ability to latch on to many of your 50 trillion cells, and via receptors alter how the cells function. Regular relaxation favours healing and repair systems and witnessing the amazing health improvements, which occur with positive relaxation, isn’t really a miracle, rather the normal repair and maintenance departments simply being switched back on to do what they do best, now unhindered within positive relaxation. It was stress hormones, which had previously switched these vital departments off.


Week 3 – 315 minutes – Is It Time To Reboot?

Another re-energising relaxation – Focusing on recent research was has identified previously unseen channels, which open within mouse brain tissue during sleep.

Logic indicates these channels may be for irrigation purposes, perhaps also flushing away waste, whose build up might otherwise hinder optimal brain function.

This amazing research seems to explain some long observed effects, including the sharpening and refreshing effects on brain function after sleep, relaxation or meditation.

MRI scan studies have demonstrated how regular relaxation also improves the areas of the brain in charge of learning and memory, reasoning, higher processing, understanding and intelligence.

10-creativity 3

Week 4 – 420 minutes – Creativity

The human brain is exposed to millions of bytes of data every moment, with the conscious mind having room for about 7 to 11 of them. And the rest, though not consciously acknowledged, are perceived and stored at a subconscious level. This extraordinary amount of information can be positively accessed within guided relaxation, allowing an individual to rediscover new perspectives or options from within, with benefits as useful and diverse as furthering a work project, or considering novel options with which to improve a situation or relationship.

Regular relaxation positively benefits the bodies healing and maintenance systems. And that means looking younger for longer. Who wouldn’t want that? http://ideas.ted.com/could-your-thoughts-make-you-age-faster/


Week 5 – 525 Minutes – Alter Your Breathing

The moment you alter your breathing, is the moment you begin to alter your body chemistry. Yet another ‘toe in the door’ technique, for relaxation and health improvement.

Positive, ‘guided’ relaxation – is important to ensure you’re relaxing in the right direction for optimal benefits. And this is important …

… because a large, current research study called, ‘Track Your Happiness’, https://www.trackyourhappiness.org used a smart phone app to track the ‘happiness’ of 1000’s of people over time. The study showed that for most of us we’re thinking negative thoughts more than 50% of the time, and it’s even worse when we’re relaxing unguided.


Week 6 – 630 minutes – Balance

For each of us, positive transformation occurs at differing paces. There are many reasons for this, but it’s also due to logical progressions in the order of any changes so that each individual can continue to function and survive. For instance, if a person decides to change careers, they might wish to focus on altering some underpinning aspects first, in order to facilitate that desire in a more stable way. Positively meditating on balance allows for all relevant considerations to be aligned, accessing valuable subconscious data, so that any actions and their timings make sense for each individual.

After 6 weeks of meditation research shows that the immune system works more quickly and more effectively to protect you from infection.

Alterations in brain and immune function produced by mindfulness meditation.


Week 7 – 735 minutes – Gratitude

A relaxation, to pattern in this well researched and fundamentally beneficial way of thinking, or in other words, the attitude of gratitude.

Imagine two people on a roller-coaster, one may be absolutely terrified, while the other is having the best time ever. It’s not about the ride; it’s about the interpretation of the ride. And guess what… I’m excited for you! Because now you can easily choose…

Positive relaxation or meditation is about health and lifestyle improvement. And yes! The benefits have certainly been known about and benefitted many over thousands of years. And yes! A trusted guide is highly recommended to be sure you’re achieving your own goals, and not somebody else’s.

week 8 firework

Week 8 – 840 Minutes – Congratulations you’ve done it!

You’ve successfully completed the challenge and, if you wish, you can request your certificate, because now the skill of relaxation is yours to nurture and cherish.

Brain MRI studies have shown the amygdala, the part of the brain which triggers the stress response, becomes smaller and less able to trigger inappropriately, after 8 weeks of regular meditation – Regular positive guided meditation, the most reliable and direct route to obtain these amazing health and lifestyle benefits.

Are you ready now… to positively imagine ….. and be… the very best version of you…. both inside and out?

Download Thought Waves Pro – Free Positive Relaxation App – Now!

Select the 8-Week Relaxation Challenge, immediately access these free relaxations and unlock amazing health benefit for yourself.