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Imagine reducing stress, How good could that feel?

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Find Your Pain Free Zone

I was really keen for doctors and their patients to be able to get hold of this little gem quickly and easily. So, I made sure it’s the first of nine free downloads, on the Thought Waves pro, 8-Week Relaxation Challenge.

How does it work?

Surprisingly, pain perception isn’t fixed or definite, the Gate Theory Of Pain tells us that.  

If you were to bump into a table corner, it can feel really painful. But if you we’re to bump into that table while you’re busy, it’s possible to notice it less.

Have you ever noticed a bruise and had to piece together which injury caused it?

You see, there’s only some much room in conscious awareness, and once it’s full, it’s full, other information simply gets missed out!

Within positive relaxation, this situation is arranged deliberately for your benefit. By filling the conscious mind with positive thoughts, so there’s simply no room for pain perception. It’s a skill to be practiced and mastered.

In addition, the stress reduction produced by positive relaxation, decreases pain perception.

Many body states herald stress and can accidentally ensure stress states within a person, amplifying pain perception. This includes things such as erratic heart rate variability, shallow, irregular breathing, a dry mouth, clenched fists, a clenched jaw, angry or unhappy facial expressions to name, just a few.

By altering one, or some of these factors, an individual can more easily exit stressful states.

Positive, relaxation calms stress hormone release, heart rate variability, breathing and muscular tensions, all at once.

I can’t make you relax, but I can give a list of instructions to assist … and guess what, with a guide, you’ll more easily find the right place. And that’s what each Thought Waves Pro audio will do for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Thought Waves Pro App today … and enjoy.