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Leanne Lawrence – How Can You Benefit from Positive, Guided Relaxation?

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Hi, I’m Leanne Lawrence I’m a family doctor and because throughout my career I’ve learned that not every problem which may present has a medical solution, I’m now also a clinical hypnotherapist.

You see, it turns out that stress is a huge player in the generation of ill health and there are lots of situations which can cause the body to release stress hormones, such as receiving bad news, a misunderstanding, a tendency to worry, even long-forgotten memories. And the strange thing is; wherever we’re living stress wise, I mean, it feels completely normal to us.

I’ve talked with many patients and this puzzled me at first but it’s because our minds and bodies adjust, this process is called habituation and it causes stress feelings to become invisible to us.

If you’re the sort of person who has ever been impressed by an optical illusion, you’ll know how our brains can, sort of, alter things to make them fit better. And as more and more invisible stress piles up, the well observed analogy of straw being piled up on the camel’s back, until it collapses, pretty well describes what’s really happening.

So now for some good news…

The moment you begin relaxing in a positive way is the moment internal release of stress hormones is reduced, it happens immediately, we can now measure it.

We could talk about effective relaxation in terms of positive meditation, relaxation or hypnosis if you wish, they’re all different terms for the same place and often, the quickest way to navigate unfamiliar territory is to ask a trusted guide to show you the way.

Once mastered, the skill of positive relaxation is yours to own. It’s the most reliable way I know to achieve real stress reduction and the more you relax the greater improvements become, until one day, when stress hormone release habits automatically reset to healthier lower baseline levels.

The thing you’ll notice is all the extra energy because as the stress turns off extra energy is released for you to use as you please. And reduced stress hormones will benefit your health in over a thousand other ways as well, here’s just a few of them:

1. Your immune system will work better. This means fewer infections, fewer days in bed and of course fewer antibiotics.

2. Your ability to heal and recover improves. Important for anyone wishing to avoid ill health or after surgery.

3. Body maintenance improves, this means the effects of aging are actually slowed.

4. Your blood pressure drops.

5. Blood clotting and blood sugar levels also drop.

6. All of these decrease your heart disease and stroke risks.

7. Sleep becomes easier.

8. Learning becomes easier.

9. And your memory improves and so the list goes on.

So, I wonder, if I could ask you a question?

Is there anything on this list which could be of benefit to you?

The health benefits begin immediately and are measurable and to achieve increasing and sustained benefits I recommend positively relaxing as regularly as you can, daily if possible.

My eight-week relaxation challenge is free for a limited time on the menu. It’s been specially created so you can easily experience a variety of techniques and their amazing benefits.

And after eight weeks of positive relaxation exciting changes are visible on MRI brain scans.

The amygdala the part of the brain which triggers stress actually gets smaller, withering away like an unused muscle and becomes less able to trigger the stress response. While brain areas associated with intelligence, planning, memory and learning become larger and much more complex.

Another impressive benefit is habit change. It’s well documented that only between 3 to 5 percent of smokers will be able to give up cold turkey and for the rest, well that’s 95 to 97% of people, even though they’ve made sensible and logical decisions and really-really want to give up, frustratingly the habit continues to win out.

Check out the habit changing relaxation programs available from the preview section, there’s plenty of help here for people who now wish to be non-smokers so feel free to go ahead and positively relax now whenever you wish. (Try the free dowload,  Is It Time For Your To Relax Yet?).

And remember, to enjoy every moment of your personal journey.

With all our best wishes,
The Thought-Waves Pro Team.