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Imagine reducing stress, How good could that feel?

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Relaxation Tips and Tricks Alternatively, Find the Free Audio of this Blog Post on Thought Waves Pro – Medical Meditation App

Hi, and welcome to Thought Waves Pro, trusted, medical meditation.

These meditations are written and recommended to you by a practicing medical doctor and will guide you to optimize mind-body links, by using imagination in relaxation to activate selected brain cells, which in turn produce very real and very powerful, positive changes in body chemistry. And the more you practice the more you hold on to this beneficial chemistry, even between relaxations, and the more automatic this becomes for you.

Science shows that relaxed hormones benefit a healthy lifestyle in every way imaginable. Improving immunity, learning and memory, work and sports performance, all while optimizing healing and repairs, preventing illness and premature aging effects.

And who wouldn’t want that?

Each person is different. Some can listen to relaxation while strolling along a beach, or through a park, whilst others may find they always need to be sitting or resting back.

It’s not necessary to close your eyes, although this can help.

The relaxation zone is where the most benefit happens. You’ll find you’ve been there before, the difference this time is your focus.

Relaxation begins within the lightest of daydreams where every word can be heard and stretches all the way on down to the cusp of sleep, where a trusted guide is required.

You can listen to each word if you wish, or simply let words flow in the background, barely acknowledging them, passively filling the mind with positive thoughts, so there’s no room left for those old concerns or worries, giving body and mind a soothing daily rest and reset from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The benefits are measurable almost immediately and after only a few minutes, antibody levels in the throat, which is your first line of immune defense, increase.

Improvements begin at the molecular level and so can be difficult to detect at first. Yet, after a few repeat relaxations you’ll be able to notice, as inside, your parasympathetic nervous system, switches on, releasing extra energy and causing fight and flight, that’s the stress response, to turn down. And you’ll notice improved emotions and feelings, which are a direct reflection of the hormones being released inside.

Repeating the same positive guided relaxation works well, allowing for reflection or consideration from differing perspectives.

And after eight weeks there are visible beneficial changes to be seen on brain MRI scans, as the amygdala shrinks, becoming less and less able to trigger inappropriate stress responses. While the brain areas associated with intelligence, planning, memory and learning become larger and more complex.

Of course, never listen to relaxation whilst driving or operating machinery, or indeed anything that might need your fullest attention for safety.

If there is a history of epilepsy or severe psychiatric problems please do discuss relaxation with your medical specialists as bespoke relaxation tactics may be more appropriate.

Please do avoid mentally arguing within relaxation, simply rest back peacefully willing and wanting benefits to happen because it is possible to personally block benefits by creating opposing brain output. It’s a choice we all have and if that was to happen, simply switch attention to something more positive, perhaps the sensations of air flowing in and out of your nostrils.

Sometimes to begin relaxing can allow emotional release, either anger, irritation or sadness and if you can, simply allow these emotions time to drain away, it passes quickly. Because as it clears, all sorts of things begin to feel better and better and if you found you needed extra help, feel free to seek it for this part of the journey.

Well, there are the tips and tricks I think you’ll need to get started.

It’s impossible to know everything there is to know every angle, every benefit, at the beginning and as with learning to ride a bicycle theory is one thing, doing it is another and once you know how, you’ll never need to relearn.

Thank you for your valuable attention. Please do feel free to go ahead and positively relax now, enjoying every moment of your personal journey.

Travelling always, with our very best wishes