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Imagine reducing stress, How good could that feel?


Relax To Sleep is brilliant. I have been using it with my son, who has High Functioning Autism, asthma, severe allergies and has always had difficulty falling asleep. It was like magic, he was 90% asleep by the time the audio finished. SK, Auckland, New Zealand
Dr Lawrence helped me immensely giving me relaxation techniques to help me cope in the future. Thank you, I would recommend you to anyone needing support Ms L.Marshall, UK
I am now able to relax easily to sleep at bedtime within minutes of listening to Relax to Sleep. When I wake in the night I listen again. Puts me straight back to sleep! I used to lie awake for hours in the night. Thank you. Forever grateful Anna, Auckland, New Zealand
I was struggling to manage the daily pressures that life throws at us all, and turned to Thought Waves Pro. I cannot speak highly enough of these accessible relaxations which have totally transformed my life. Positive mediation really does break those negative thought cycles, that other wise can go round and round inside your mind. Thank you so much. Mr D Smith, Nottingham UK.
I’ve been waking every hour for the last four nights. Last night in my desperation I grabbed my phone … and voila your app downloaded.
Well, a miracle happened, I fell asleep before it finished. Woke at 4am, pressed play again and Lordie Bee, slept till 7.30. Yes! I am so excited, only wish the little buggar had downloaded before! Suzanne, Auckland, New Zealand.
I downloaded the app to help my partner, who works shift work, get to sleep. She has trouble getting to sleep then will have a very unsettled sleep when she does fall asleep. The first night we listened to it I was asleep with in 5 mins and she states she hadn't got to the end before falling asleep. She had a very peaceful restful sleep. I have tried it several times since and have never got to hear the end as I am always asleep. Thanks heaps highly recommend it. VB, Waikanae, New Zealand.
I am now able to relax easily to sleep at bedtime within minutes of listening to Relax to Sleep. When I wake in the night I listen again. Puts me straight back to sleep! I used to lie awake for hours in the night. Thank you. Forever grateful Anna, Auckland, New Zealand
I never sleep when I am away from home but I used the sleep meditation and fell asleep part way through and woke up just before the alarm the next morning – best night sleep away from home in a very long time. I now use it every time I go away or if my partner is away from home I use it then to help me sleep which works fantastically. Thank you so much. Emma H, Wellington NZ
It’s hard to put into words how profoundly grateful I am to have found this app. The relaxations and the way you explain how they work on your site are very helpful. I also know for sure that at a deeper level than my conscious mind, shifts and changes of awareness were inspired by listening to your guided meditations and that, combined with other knowledge I have, has produced a radical positive change in my life. Peace. Love. Joy. Fun. Zayra June Flores, 27, Business Manager
Words cannot do justice to the incredible feelings of peace, calm and connectedness I experience as I listen. I can literally feel all of the cares of the day just melting away :) Richard Wong, 36, Businessman
I’m a working mother to 3 young boys and my days are fast and hectic. I was managing the best way I knew how... but my mind and body began to feel so tired … I never thought those feelings would lead to anxiety … and then onto panic attacks. I became a worrier, found it hard to concentrate and looking back now, I realize I was super stressed. At the end of the day, I had no time to help my kids do their homework, or do anything relaxing. I had mood swings and felt upset when I didn’t meet my deadlines. It was crazy!
That is, until I found Thought Waves Pro. The first time I listened I fell asleep... a long, calming sleep and when I woke up, after 9 full hours, I thought to myself. This is what I was needing the whole time. Just a few minutes a day for myself to get back on track, to be able to rest, sleep and re-focus.
Thank you very much for your compassionate guidance, your positive guided meditations gave me an anchor of contentment and now, being constantly tired or anxious are things of the past for me. More Power to you Dr. Lawrence! A Tria, 34.
I downloaded Thought Waves Pro app because my son has a Absence Seizure Disorder. He has been on medication for over two years. As I was listening I found myself feeling very relaxed and in tune in the moment. It has helped me to be calmer around my kids and I would always recommend this to anyone who has stressful situations to deal with. AJ , Philippines
I have snored for England for years - at least the 46 years of my marriage - and tried various techniques to stop snoring which have all failed. The snoring was so loud my friends and relations say that it could be heard 3 rooms away! As a complete sceptic I attended a relax to sleep hypnosis session conducted by Dr Leanne Lawrence. I have not snored since that session and I do not know why. David Notthingham, UK

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Thank YOU Leanne.

I met you at Te Kuiti A&E with my daughter last year.I was having heart palpatations, and was anxious and exhausted and you gave me a guided meditation to help me get home. I drove in the speed limit was calm very aware of my surroundings, alert etc and i said to my daughter "was i just hypnotised??" hehe when my heart was jumping around i stayed calm (and even now, i still dont panic when it happens).

Its helped me through some pretty stressful times.

I am always recomending you to lots of friends and family and I even use them at work while everyone is stressing around me im in my own bubble and it really helps. I dont shut my eyes but my arms do get heavy..haha

Thank you and i am glad i met you. These have really helped me.

P. Slater, Te Kuiti