10 Free Stress Reduction Relaxations Trusted Medical Meditation

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Imagine reducing stress, How good could that feel?


Safety Information


Important Safety Information - Referring to both Audio and Book Products

The techniques used in these products can produce powerful feelings of drowsiness in adults as well as children.  These techniques can take effect even if the audio is played very quietly.  In some individuals, relaxation can occur very quickly and unexpectedly.  Therefore, never use these techniques within earshot of people driving vehicles, operating machinery or otherwise doing something that requires alertness.  For example, playing the audio in a car could make the driver involuntarily relax to the point of causing an accident. Always ensure that all persons in hearing distance can safely slip into a relaxed and peaceful state.


Not Medical Treatment.    

Nothing in these products is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate or prevent any disease or medical condition.  In particular, do not use these techniques to treat persons with certain types of epilepsy or severe mental health conditions.


General Information.   

This products contain general information, and not advice for any specific condition that you may have.  You must not rely on these products as a substitute to advice from a medical professional. Never disregard, discontinue or delay professional medical advice or treatment because of anything in these products. If you think you or your child may be suffering from any medical condition, please consult a medical professional immediately.


Results May Vary. 

While the beneficial effects of these techniques are well-documented, results may vary from person to person. The results also depend on highly subjective and variable factors like an individual’s level of receptiveness, concentration, diligence, practice, and experience.  These products makes no claims that the indicated results are typical, or that you may certainly achieve any them.


No Warranties. 

While we have made diligent efforts to ensure that the information in these products is safe and correct, these products represent a field that is continually developing and evolving.  In this light, we do not warrant that the products content is error-free, complete or current, because it would be unreasonable and impractical for us to do so.


Limitation on Liability.  

Use these products only if you knowingly and willingly assume the risk and responsibility for doing so.  We shall not be liable for any injury, loss or damage arising from your reliance on these products or the performance of the techniques presented. This limitation does not exclude any liabilities that may not be excluded under applicable law.



If you do not agree with any of the foregoing provisions, please do not proceed.  Using these audio or book products in any way means that you agree with the foregoing.